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ConservatioN grazing

just as important as producing food on our farm is managing our land to improve biodiversity to allow wildlife to thrive. By growing our salad crops hydroponically, we can grow lots of produce in a much smaller area, leaving the fields for the livestock and the wildlife.
The NATIVE livestock breeds we have are selected for specific traits, and their grazing is carefully managed to help create species rich meadows that are full of wildlife and wildflowers. 

renewable energy

We use renewable energy to power the farm as much as possible. Solar panels supply electricity and our farm house is heated by a biomass boiler. We plan to invest more in the near future into renewable energy to further reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.


nothing goes to waste

Our products create very little waste during their production, but the small amount of waste we do produce is used on the farm where possible. Any waste salad produce that doesn’t pass our quality inspection is either fed to the livestock or it is composted on site.

Pressing The Cold Pressed Oils produces ‘press cake’, this is made up from the spent seed that is expelled once the oil has been extracted from them. The press cake makes a valuable feed for our livestock.

To further reduce any waste created when using our Cold Pressed Oils, we also offer a refill option. You can refill your bottle at participating retail outlets, and from our farm directly if you are local to us.  

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