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Cold Pressed rapeseed oil

We work closely with local farms to source high quality locally grown Rapeseed. The bright yellow fields of rapeseed flower in May and ready to harvest in August. The seed then comeS back to our small farm, where it is Cold Pressed, filtered and bottled in small batches. 

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IT'S a very versatile product, and with less than half the saturated fat of Olive Oil, it is also a healthier choice.

Its smooth and nutty flavour makes it a great choice for dressings and bread dipping. Our Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil has a high smoke point which means that it can handle high temperatures without burning, making it an excellent choice for roasting potatoes and vegetables, as well as for frying. IT is also perfect for baking with, as an alternative to butter.

Cold pressing is a gentle method of extracting the oil from the seed. The low temperature of the process helps to maintain the flavour of the rapeseed, and no chemicals are used to extract the oil. It's just rapeseed, squeezed, nothing added.

Our Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is available in 250ml and 500ml glass bottles, which can also be refilled at some of our retail outlets or directly from our farm.  


if you really love our oil then we also supply it in a 5 litre jerry can or a 5 litre Bag-in-box.

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