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We have been growing lettuce, watercress, peashoots and edible flowers since 2013. most of our produce is grown hydroponically in natural daylight. we deliver to cafes, restauraunts, pubs and farmshops twice a week between MArch and November. 


Fresh salad that is full of flavour! 

We have been growing our salad produce here since 2013 and now supply over 30 local pubs, cafes and restaurants and farmshops.

The MOST COMMON feedback we get from our customers is how much flavour our produce has, and how long it keeps fresh for.


We grow everything ourselves using hydroponic techniques and we pick everything to order to keep it as fresh as possible.  

Mixed leaf lettuce

Fresh, crisp and sweet. We carefully select different varieties of lettuce to for colour and flavour. Our leaves are perfect for side dishes, sandwich fillers or as a main meal.  



peppery, fresh and vibrant. Our watercress is well known and loved locally, it is picked fresh to order so it has a superior flavour and bright colour. A perfect accompaniment to steak, fish or pork and it also makes amazing soup and pesto! 


Sweet, tender and fresh. Our leafy peashoots are full of fresh pea flavour and are picked when they are nice and tender. They make a great garnish, or can be added to rissotto, soup or pesto. 

Edible flowers

Colourful and fresh. We grow a selection of edible flowers for use on sweet or savoury dishes.

Nasturtium flowers have a warm peppery flavour and a brightly coloured. They are perfect for brightening up any savoury dishes. We also supply Nasturtium leaves for a peppery garnish. Borage is a delicate, small blue flower with a subtle sweet cucumber flavour. THEY look great on a dessert.  Our Viola flowers have a variety of colours in the pack, they don’t have a particular flavour, so they are suitable for both sweet or savoury dishes.  

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