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mashed potato on a plate with a bottle of oil next to it.jpg

mashed potato

all the best chefs use oil in their mashed potato! not only does this recipe make a smooth rich mash, it also has a fraction of the saturated fat compared to using butter! 

the welsh cold pressed sunflower oil adds a nice nutty flavour, and for an extra twist why not add some garlic



  • boil the potatoes in a pan for 15-20mins until they are tender

  • drain well and return to the pan

  • mash until smooth

  • if you are going for the garlic option, cut the 2 cloves into slices and add them to a separate pan with the oil. gently heat the oil to infuse the garlic. once infused strain out the garlic pieces.

  • add the oil to the mash and mix it in with a fork. use as much or little of the oil as you like to reach the desired consistency and flavour.

  • season with salt and pepper

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